Anyone that loves to BBQ can find great ways to take their passion to the streets.  Earlier this year I started putting together an email list of a handful of friends that I know enjoy eating BBQ.  To help pay for my addiction of cooking it I decided one day to just shoot out an email and see if anyone would pay for me to cook extra.  To my surprise I was able to sell 10 to 12 pounds of pulled pork.  I included their choice of homemade sauces. 

I am happy to report it inspired me to do this about once a month.  Then in the fall I was talking to some folks at the softball park where my daughter plays and suggested they start selling BBQ in addition to the frozen hamburger they offered.  I ended up cooking 4 to 5 pounds every weekend for them.  It was a new item and by the end of the short season they had people asking about it during the weekdays.  I am hoping the spring season will be bigger as there are more teams playing which translates to more customers.

It really has been a lot of fun this year and I do love smoking BBQ.  If anyone has any similar experiences I would love to hear from you.


06/21/2012 18:50

Hello mate, great blog.


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